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Can anyone manage to give us a reasonable way to get sound clips into this forum?  I've done it before with qlippits and other programs that seem to be out of business now.

We need sound in this forum.

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> Subject: caron
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>>> At 12:17 PM -0400 5/10/09, Mark Mandel wrote:
>>>> No tones? I see a caron over the "e".
>>> Yes, I noticed that diacritic, but wasn't sure it was a tone,
>>> especially since there was nothing tone-like on the first syllable,
>>> but I confess I know about as much about Vietnamese orthography as I
>>> do about playing linebacker for the Dallas Cowboys.
>> What first syllable? I'm referring to the only IPA the article gives
>> for the name, at least up at the top:
>> [ŋwjěʔn]
> i wasn't familiar with the term "caron". not in OED, NOAD2, or AHD4.
> but there's a wikipedia page that says that it's a synonym of
> "hacek" (imagine a hacek on the C and an acute accent on the A).
> arnold
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