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On Mon, May 18, 2009 at 1:01 PM, Doug Harris <cats22 at> wrote:
> Who'd have known there was a definition for people from a
> specific place who 'have an accent and walk slowly'? Are
> their specific descriptives for people from, say, Canada, or
> Brazil? Or anywhere else, for that matter?

On UrbanDictionary nothing is surprising. Vide infra.

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> From: "Herb Stahlke" <hfwstahlke at GMAIL.COM>
> > ...  Urban Dictionary lists "sherpa" and "sherpa guide."
> >"Sherpa" is defined as "A lady's shaggy-haired NEPALESE FRIEND; the
> >constant FEMALE MENTOR who, from an entrenched, central vantage-point,
> >influences all her thoughts and actions; her bearded ALTER EGO and
> >beating heart; her GUSSET GURU."

I.e., clitoris, as the (surely purpose-written) example makes
abundantly clear. ( This is the
first def listed for the word, based on reader rankings (618 up, 23
down). And if you think all those YES votes meant "I think this is an
accurate definition of a real usage", I've got a real bargain on a
bridge for you.

... Eh, all of which is probably old news to y'all.

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