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Joan H. Hall jdhall at WISC.EDU
Wed May 27 21:31:30 UTC 2009

DARE is applying for an NEH grant that would help with the electronic
publication of Volume VI, which will include the bibliography, the index
to all the regional, usage, and etymological labels in the five volumes
of text, sets of contrastive maps on facing pages (so that you can see
at a glance the distributions of lexical sets such as "hero," "hoagie,"
"grinder," "sub," "torpedo,"Cuban," "wedge," etc. without having to page
through five volumes), and possibly the parts of our "Data Summary" (all
the responses to the questions) that we've promised at various entries.

We're also requesting help from NEH in the transition to the electronic
edition of the full text.

I'd appreciate responses from any of you who anticipate using these
electronic resources, telling me how you would use them and how they'd
be valuable for your research, teaching, and lexical pleasure. I'm sure
your enthusiasm would help our proposal!

Many thanks,
Joan Hall
P.S. All four volumes of published text have been scanned by Google
Books, so if you are searching an unusual word, DARE is likely to come
up among the first hits. The agreement between Google and Harvard
University Press allows an individual to see ten per cent of the content
of a volume in a thirty-day period.

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