"People of color" was; Re: Whom Hispanics call "Hispanic" -- or not

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Sun May 31 23:37:05 UTC 2009

Jews, yes. But including them would put me in a trick, because of the
insane, black attitude toward Jews: love, hate, jealousy, deep
respect, and that they aren't white, puts them into a weird, special
category that varies widely from person to person, and the
strangenessness of the fact that a lot of white people have no idea
who is a Jew.

Black people no whiter than, say, Mohammaed Ali, claimed, back in the
day, to have gone to white places and done white things, merely by
claiming to be Jews. [Well, if a Jew's not white, then he *could* be
black, right? Somebody should explain these things to me!]

I've studied over this for years without reaching much more than WAGS.

*Most* middle-class blacks appreciate Jews primarily for the money
that the money that they so freely contribute to black causes,  their
generally pro-black attitude or, at least, not obviously anti-black

All non-anti-Semitic - or is that "Semetic"? - blacks are, in general,
astounded that Jews have been able, somehow, to rise through the
social and monetary ranks, despite anti-Semitism having once been even
more pervasive than racism. Sort of.

A favorite theory among the colored is that Jews stick together. They
have one another's back. They can depend upon one another. E.g. if a
Jew starts some enterprise, all other Jews flock to it, so that the
original Jew not only gets a good hendl, but gets the rep of dealing
in nothing but the best, otherwise, why so much business? Then
non-Jews start going there and, next thing you know, you got
Famous-Barr, as the now-absorbed May Company Department Stores, Inc.,
was strangely known in Saint Louis, though that city was the site of
its national headquarters.

But let a colored fellow try to open something besides a rib joint, a
barber shop, a cafe, or a tavern, and the black man keep right on
gi'in' his money to the got-dam Jew! Hail! They just gi'in' us ouwa
own money back!

Enter Minister Farrakhan, stage right.

I could go on foever, with this kind of stuff, but I'll stop here.

All say, "How hard it is that we have to die"---a strange complaint to
come from the mouths of people who have had to live.
-Mark Twain

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>>Perhaps my perception is colored by my background,
> Don't be bashful, Wilson -- your foreground. Â :-)
>>but I've always
>>considered "people of color" to be a phrase empty of content, meaning
>>only what its writer/speaker intends it to mean
>>Anyone white, but not white enough: Turks, Arabs, Armenians, Gypsies,
>>members of various European-Spanish ethnic groups
> and Jews.
> Joel
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