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>> I apologize for my ignorance of Hulkana, but here goes:  On the "Incredible
>> Hulk" television show, David Banner had a catchphrase: ""Don't make me angry
>> ..."  Can anyone tell me whether this was this only used on the TV show, or
>> did it originate in the comics?  If the latter, can anyone tell me which
>> comics issue had the first appearance, and what was the full quote?

There is a 2006 book about the creation of the Hulk that claims the
catch phrase is from television. There is also a comic book collector
named Dave Gieber who claims that the phrase originated on television.
So there is some weak evidence.

Of course scans of all the comics would help, but I do not think that
OCR software is good enough to extract text from hand-lettered word
balloons yet. A transcribed interview with the creators Stan Lee and
Jack Kirby would be nice too. Here are the cites:

However, one of the Hulk's most famous sayings comes from the 1970s
live-action TV show. In the first episode, an annoying reporter, Jack
McGee, confronts Banner. It is to this reporter that Banner says, "Mr.
McGee, don't make me angry. You wouldn't like me when I am angry."

Citation: The Creation of the Incredible Hulk by Eric Fein, Rosen
Publishing Group, 2007.


The elaborate (at least for the time) transformation sequences yielded
the popular catch phrase of David Banner’s “Don’t make me angry, you
wouldn’t like me when I’m angry”. This phrase became very associated
with the character of the Incredible Hulk. It originated from the TV
series though, rather than the long running comic book series. It is
amazing what mass media can do, isn’t it?

Citation: Excerpt from an article by Dave Gieber at


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