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On Nov 1, 2009, at 04:09, Shapiro, Fred wrote:

> I appreciate the indulgence of people on this list for my postings
> that sometimes veer away from linguistic content.  This one is
> particularly OT.
> I apologize for my ignorance of Hulkana, but here goes:  On the
> "Incredible Hulk" television show, David Banner had a catchphrase:
> ""Don't make me angry ..."  Can anyone tell me whether this was this
> only used on the TV show, or did it originate in the comics?  If the
> latter, can anyone tell me which comics issue had the first
> appearance, and what was the full quote?

Just in case you want video confirmation of what, exactly, was said
and when, on the television program, it is available in full at no
cost to you on Hulu. Here's s01e01 (the usual shorthand for "season
one, episode one"):


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