Laurence Horn laurence.horn at YALE.EDU
Sun Nov 22 15:17:38 UTC 2009

At 9:54 AM -0500 11/22/09, Jonathan Lighter wrote:
>As I was saying:
>A History Channel program on Pearl Harbor reports that the Emperor
>Hirohito's opinion that war with the U.S. would be unwise was "overrided by
>the military."
>44,000 RGs for "overrided."
Lots of them probably for the preterit (vs. "overrode") rather than,
as here, the participle (vs. "overridden").  Nice one, either way.
To reprise an earlier thread, it's reassuring to see the
regularization doesn't seem to have spread to the unprefixed case:

"rode hard and put away wet":  21,700
"rided hard and put away wet": 0
"overridden hard and put away wet": 1


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