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At 11/22/2009 09:54 AM, Jonathan Lighter wrote:
>As I was saying:
>A History Channel program on Pearl Harbor reports that the Emperor
>Hirohito's opinion that war with the U.S. would be unwise was "overrided by
>the military."

OTOH, according to its review in the New York Times, the recent movie
"The Sun" depicts Hirohito "as an advocate for war" -- at least
towards the war's end, when (quoting the review) 'Faced with the news
that the army is losing a war already lost by the navy, he blinks
and, with his gulping mouth, invokes a poem by his grandfather, the
Meiji ruler under whom emperors were deified. "Capitulation
contradicts the tradition of the empire and of the Japanese people,"
Hirohito concludes. "We must continue fighting for our survival. The
peace that is on favorable terms for my people is the only peace. Let
the sea continue to rage." '


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