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Let’s just say “viz” which stands for “videlicet” because the choices are:

1 vee-DEL-ih-kit
2 vie-DEL-ih-sit
3 vih-DEEL-ih-set
4 vih-DEL-ih-set
5 vuh-DEL-ih-set
6 vih-DEL-ih-ket

The word on’s word of the day is “videlicet”.
 (vi-DEL-uh-sit, wi-DAY-li-ket
I click the speaker icon and hear:  Vee-DEL-ih-kit  ~veeddelikit

>From comes:
 (v -d l -s t , v -, w -d l -k t )
adv. Abbr. viz.
That is; namely. Used to introduce examples, lists, or items.
The pronunciations I hear there are
USA – Vie-DEL-ih-sit    ~vieddelisit
UK – vih-DEEL-ih-set    ~viddeeliset
Speaker icon – vih-DEL-ih-set   ~viddeliset

>From vi·de·li·cet
Pronunciation: \və-`de-lə-,set,  vī-;  vi-`dā-li-,ket\
Icon one    vuh-DEL-ih-set  ~vuddeliset
Icon two    vih-DEL-ih-ket   ~viddeliket

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