warism; (also) warist (n. & adj.)

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Not in OED.  Many more than 10,000 RGs.

1891 R. W. Shufeldt in _Science_  XVIII (Nov. 20) 201: In short, warism and
all that pertains to it is a relic of savagery, and with savagery must, in
time, disappear.

1901 R. W. Shufeldt in _The Photographic Times_  XXXIII (Jan.) 11: [T]hat
ultimately points to the death of superstition, warism, and all that
militates against progress and the happiness of the people.

1918 James Brown Scott, ed. _President Wilson's Foreign Policy_  (N.Y.:
Oxford U. P.) 392: Secretary of the Interior Lane...said: ...[T]he trouble
with the two schools of warism and pacifism is that neither one will
recognize that noth philosophies have a part to play in the life of every
individual and every nation and in the production and advancement of that
strange thing we call civilization.

1989 Duane L. Cady _From Warism to Pacifism_ (Phila.: Temple U. P.) xi:
Western culture...[exhibits] a pervasive, unconscious _warism_ - and
uncritical presumption in modern society that war is morally justifiable,
even morally required. Ibid. xii: The contrast between the idealistic values
of traditional pacifism and the warism more realistically valued provides
the context for the aims of this book. Ibid. 6: In contemporary Western
culture, warism is a dominant outlook. There is no special burden of moral
justification that must be borne by the warist. Ibid. 110: Warist and
pacifist positions.

1999 William C. Gay in D. W. Curtin & R. Litzke, eds. _Institutional
Violence_  (Atlanta: Editions Rodopi) 24: Linguistic Violence in Justifying
and Waging War...[S]ome oppressed groups employ parts of the language in an
authoritarian, specifically in a warist manner.
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