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OED/_Brave New Words_/OED SF Project have 1952 for "zero g" (A.C.
Clarke, _Islands in the Sky_)

John W. Campbell Jr. "Good-by to Gravity And All That" _Science
Illustrated_ v. 4 Jan 1949 p 78
"The rest of the trip, however, the crew will experience "zero-G"
conditions; they will have no weight whatsoever."
[citation metadata confirmed in Readers Guide to Periodical Literature]

Kenneth W. Gatland, "Evolution of the Guided Missile" _Flight_ 3 Aug
1951 p 142
"If necessary (assuming, of course, that zero "g" has no adverse
physiological effect), it would be possible for the crew to work outside
the vehicles and to move themselves around the region of the space-ships
with the aid of miniature, hand-operated rocket units."

Classification: UNCLASSIFIED
Caveats: NONE

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