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"The hand is quicker than the eye"

_The Visitor or Monthly Instructor for 1848. New Series._ London:  The
Religious Tract Society, 1848 p. 286 col 1.
"It shows very clearly that in one instance we may be deceived because
the hand is quicker than the eye; in another because the deceiver has a
confederate; and in a third because the table before him, on which he
plays his tricks, is furnished with trap doors."

Joseph Fernandez.  _Henry's Junior Dictation Lessons_ London:  Charles
Bean, 1868
p. 128
"We are easily deceived by optical illusions; the hand is quicker than
the eye, hence the success of many conjuring tricks which depend on
optical illusions."

Albert Merlin, "The Land of Humbug" _Mahatma_ vol 1 No VIII, Oct 1895 p.
8 col 1
"It is an old saying, especially with magicians that the hand is quicker
than the eyesight, but in this case it was demonstrated that the
eyesight was quicker than the hand, a fact, I believe, not generally
known. "

Classification: UNCLASSIFIED
Caveats: NONE

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