illegal sojourners

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"Undocumented residents" (or undocumented foreign residents) is a
pretty neutral term I've come across in various U.S. and non-U.S.
contexts. In France, they are often called "sans-papiers."


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> Â It is interesting what kind of contortions we have to through to
> define certain populations. Those who don't care to offend start with
> "illegals" (or worse). Those who do, went from "illegal immigrants" to
> "illegal aliens" (presumably not to discriminate against interplanetary
> vagabonds) to "undocumented aliens", etc. Don't tell Lou Dobbs, but,
> apparently, South Korean Anglo press refers to people belonging to a
> similar group as "illegal sojourners"--although the body of the article
> uses "unregistered foreign nationals ".
> Middle school open to illegal sojourners' children
> Perhaps it's not an official term but something lost in translation...
> Â  Â  VS-)
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