illegal sojourners

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In colonial America, those not born or long (and legally) resident in
a town were called "strangers"  (OED 2.a).  Not to be confused, of
course, with "strange women" (OED, strange, adj, 4.).


At 8/18/2010 02:25 AM, Victor Steinbok wrote:
>  It is interesting what kind of contortions we have to through to
>define certain populations. Those who don't care to offend start with
>"illegals" (or worse). Those who do, went from "illegal immigrants" to
>"illegal aliens" (presumably not to discriminate against interplanetary
>vagabonds) to "undocumented aliens", etc. Don't tell Lou Dobbs, but,
>apparently, South Korean Anglo press refers to people belonging to a
>similar group as "illegal sojourners"--although the body of the article
>uses "unregistered foreign nationals ".
>Middle school open to illegal sojourners' children
>Perhaps it's not an official term but something lost in translation...
>     VS-)
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