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Victor Steinbok aardvark66 at GMAIL.COM
Thu Aug 26 18:42:12 UTC 2010

  A local blog post reporting on an arrest of an "armed and dangerous"
suspect had the following sentence:

> Needham resident Michael Niden, who lives on Gage Street, right across
> from the  police perimteter, which is on Marked Tree Lane, said he
> heard from my wife there was a home invacation on Revard. "I looked
> across and saw police," he said. "It's normally a very quiet street."

Aside from the obvious "he heard from my wife"--probably bad copy from
notes, there is also the issue of "home invacation on Revard". Rivard
might be referring to Rivard Road, which is a one-block street next to
Marked Tree Road (there is no "Marked Tree Lane"). But "invacation" is
just odd (presumably for "invasion"). AFAICT these are the only typos in
the article and they all confined to a single paragraph.

There is also an odd bit of police jargon:

> "One of our officers did /find and locate/ a vehicle that fit the
> description," Cleary said. She said Wellesley officers arrested the
> occupants.
(emphasis added)


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