"gay" in "Bringing Up Baby"

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> Richard Whiting; the fact that his daughter was Margaret Whiting would seem to preclude the possiblilty that he was one of the colored.

It doesn't merely *seem* to preclude that possibility. It literally
precludes that possibility, George. Both the Whitings were still alive
in kicking, back when mother was a girl, and I remember them quite
well. But where in my note do I reference the rightly-named Whitings
and attempt to smear them with the tar-brush or otherwise write
anything such as to imply that there was a nigger in the Whiting
genealogical woodpile?

BTW, wasn't Margaret often a guest on the show of Jack "The Man With
The Smile In His Voice" Smith? IIRC, that show came on right after Bob
Crosby & The Bobcats - theme song: South Rampart Street Parade - and
right before The Beulah Show - theme song: I Got The World In A Jug.
At least, that was the way it was on Saint Louis radio.

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