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Thu Jun 3 04:04:15 UTC 2010

Maybe it's not new to anyone else, but Josh Marshall thought he had
coined a word.

 From TalkingPointsMemo:
> I'm not sure which would make for a more colorful and entertaining
> story: Haley exposed as an inveterate ... what I guess you'd call,
> *man-izer* or the idea that a series of different GOP operatives, each
> of whom is currently married, conspiring to publicly allege phony
> affairs with Haley.

Apparently, Josh Marshall liked his own coinage, because he came back
with a second post:

> I noted below the newest development in the Nikki Haley/*man-izer* saga.

Of course, this is NOT new coinage--although, who can blame Josh for
never having heard it. UD has an entry (actually, 7 of them) and there
227K raw ghits. Not exactly chump change.

Sephora sells a product named Mary-Lou Manizer. [http://bit.ly/cFw3Zv]

Some references appear to be to particularly promiscuous gay men.


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