Grammar, Usage, Standards: Passe

James Dawson jamesndawson at YAHOO.COM
Thu Jun 10 01:05:59 UTC 2010

Thank you Herb, Amy, Rick & Paul (F & J) for the kind replies and helpful info!

I've printed it out, gone over it with a yellow highlighter, and will see if I can find any of it at several libraries I have access to, or on the Net.  My only problem is where to start!  (Don't worry, I'll figure it out.)

Paul F.,
Sorry about the garbled, hard-to-read text.  I figured out how to it my Yahoo mail for plain text, and went ahead and did that.  I hope I did it right and this will go through okay. I guess we'll see. As I wrote in my intro here, I'm only semi-computer-literate.  I know the ins and outs of Yahoo and Google groups pretty well, and this problem only happens on these occasionally (though I'm never sure why).  I need to be a little more attentive and careful about these things.  I'm slowly learning how to use the ADS listserve system, I think.

Off Topic Tech Question:
I tried to send this by replying on the ADL-S Messages of the Day, but it asked for my password.  I don't recall ever getting one, and I couldn't find it by reading through the set-up e-mails.  Should I have one, or am I set up to post to ADS-L via my Yahoo mail?

Thanks again for all the help.


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