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OK, I'll let someone else do it.

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I just wanted to point out I own   :D

Currently nothing's there -- it was my late husband's vanity site -- but I
will eventually do something with it.

- Steve

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> So what does a word have to do to get into the OED? Take cromulent,
> which Jonathan Lighter once used in this forum: it gets 55,900
> googlits (that's more than twice as many as the word googlit itself,
> which isn't in the OED either). The locus classicus of cromulent is
> The Simpsons in 1996. My guess is that there are hundreds of thousands
> of perfectly good English terms in, say, Termium
> ( and IATE ( which are not listed
> in the OED, mainly because they're too boring or too technical to
> interest OED lexicographers. But cromulent is a fun word that has
> gained a life of its own. And the indispensable Urban Dictionary
> acknowledges this.
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