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> No way did the shikse-looking guy look like a girl. He was big and tall with
> a shaved head.

Yeah. I sorta got that point WRT his lack of genetic femaleness. But
what does that have to do with the claim that _shegets_ is less likely
to be generally, or even specifically, less well-known than _shikse_?

> Similarly, I thought his unmistakable use of "peoples" was notable because of his
> millionaire _Caucasianality_.

Got de ol' coon dis time. Oh, well. "There never was a horse that
couldn't be rode / There never was a man that couldn't be throwed." I
didn't realize that he was merely a poseur. That important detail
somehow escaped my notice. As a matter of fact, I didn't even get that
he and the "shikse" were one and the same.

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