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> From another current episode:
> "You got a bangin' body!" Â [Exciting.]
Probably as old as hp-hop.

> "She looked like a doll! Like a banger!" [With a bangin' body.]
> "We'll go to a pub and have burgers and get our drink on." [Drink a lot.]
> "It makes you look frumpty." [Frumpy.]

Surely, there must be a way to keep the language off the tongues of
the polloi! :-)

> "There's a situation goin' on in here." [Lifts shirt, flexes abs.
> "Situation" must mean "something interesting."]

Do you recall the Jersey Shore guy who called himself "The Situation"?
I.e., always something interesting going on when *he* was "on the set"
(a bit of Hollywood jargon borrowed into StL-BE as a replacement for
the antiquated "on the scene.")

> "I need this girl to loosen up and take the stick out of her ass."
> "She's older, she's wiser, she's got her crap together."

Back in '69 at UC Davis, I remarked to a classmate that "I have a
paper due. I better get my shit together." He had no idea what concept
I was trying to express. The expression was already so old in BE that,
as was the case with "fuck over," I had wrongly assumed that even
white people were hip to it. OTOH, youneverknow. Today, I looked up
_beaver_ in the meaning that caused Beaver College, a school for
women, to change its name. HDAS has in it print from 1927. I never
heard it used - in the phrase, "shoot beaver" - till ca.1967. Good
thing. Otherwise, I would have missed the pun in the later National
Lampoon cover that featured a "Canadian *split* beaver."
> "You're not allowed to take numbers or business cards from the posse here."
> [A large group of people in the same place.]
> "I had some Jewish hottie patotties for Bryce." Â [Attractive guys.]
> "NOBODY'S for her. Nobody can ride that ride!" [Succeed with her.]

In 1967, heard that idea expressed as "Nobody can split that stone!"

> JL
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>> At 9:52 PM -0500 11/7/10, Wilson Gray wrote:
>> >On Sun, Nov 7, 2010 at 8:11 AM, Jonathan Lighter
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>> >
>> >> Â No way did the shikse-looking guy look like a girl. He was big and tall
>> with
>> >> Â a shaved head.
>> >
>> >Yeah. I sorta got that point WRT his lack of genetic femaleness. But
>> >what does that have to do with the claim that _shegets_ is less likely
>> >to be generally, or even specifically, less well-known than _shikse_?
>> --which was also my assumption (see my earlier note on
>> shaygetz/shikse). Â This is one of those (rare) cases where the
>> feminine may well have become the generic for some speakers.

Yes, I see. Said the blind man as he picked up his hammer and saw.

>> A few ghits in support of this reanalysis:
>> But to many of us he's a shiksa guru.
>> Only if s/he's a shiksa! Love is a funny thing!
>> give it up susie he's a shiksa kinda guy.
>> Cuz he's a shiksa, a Shabbos goy
>> LH
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