Hubba-hubba [Was: Aw, naw he di?n'!]

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>> And here I thought the normal cover was "She's a BADm at th@..."

Surely, you jest! ;-)

Toward The End of The War, _hubba-hubba_ for a while, was everywhere:
movies, the funnies, comic books, etc., etc. I was still a child, back
in those days, but I had the impression that "hubba-hubba' was no
bigger a deal than the wolf-whistle and much less of a deal than
"mashing," even though this, too, was referenced - but never
portrayed; I can recall Daisy Duck gazing into a shopwindow, then
suddenly turning, shouting "MASHER!!", and smacking a passing man over
his head with her umbrella, but, to this day, I'm not really sure what
it was that a "masher" did to women (copped a feel?)  - even in
Disney's comics.

IIRC, even today, there's a storefront of some kind with the name,
Hubba-Hubba, on Massachusetts Ave. in Cambridge.

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