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Mon Nov 29 18:58:17 UTC 2010

At 5:21 PM +0100 11/29/10, Paul Frank wrote:
>Twenty-six minutes and 57 seconds into the Coen Brothers' No Country
>for Old Men, Ed Tom Bell (Tommy Lee Jones) says "got a screwgie?"
>meaning "got a screwdriver?"
>It's not in the OED or DARE. Then there's "he gave me the screwgie"
>(ripped me off) and a screwgie as in a screwball in baseball.
>"This will get the right side flush, now take the flat blade screwgie
>in the left button hole, and 'gently' pry it forward using the button
>mechanical portion and the top of the plexy as a lever point."
>"The passenger's side rear molding on my 99' 626 is sagging a bit in
>the middle. It was that way when I bought it recently. I am curios if
>anyone knows how to remove and repair one. I'd take a screwgie
>(screwdriver) to it, but I think that might be a bad idea. "
Interesting.  I've heard "screwgie" for the baseball pitch all my
life and never encountered it in any other sense, in particular for
the tool (or drink).  (I didn't see the movie.)


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