belly and body shots

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Most traditional bar and entertainment guides suggest that each base
drink goes with a particular style of citrus--gin and tequila with lime
and vodka with lemon. The same applies to shots and cocktails. Rum is a
bit more flexible, especially depending on its color and the mixers, if
any (rum&Coke and mojito are opposites).

But this generally refers to the accompanying decorative slice or the
piece for "biting", not the juice mixer that may be /in/ the drink
(although, most of the time, the two match). In the food/entertainment
service, one can get in trouble for serving the wrong citrus with a
particular drink, unless it's close to the last call and the bar is out
of the other kind. College parties are generally less picky about the
accompanying fruit. Underage parties use whatever they have on hand,
which usually means lemon. YMMV


On 11/30/2010 10:40 AM, Ben Zimmer wrote:
> ...
> The OED definition similarly says: "A shot of tequila which is
> accompanied with salt and lemon licked from another person's body". I
> thought lime, not lemon, was the prototypical accompaniment...
> --bgz

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