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> > "Body shots"
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> > 1993, Bruce Craven, _Fast Sofa_. Â Then Iona Agave refilled his glass
> > with tequila. A wedge of lime and a bubbly gold schooner of draft
> > already in front of him. Rick looked at the freckles on lona Agave's
> > chest. "Have you ever done body shots?" She leaned against the bar
> > ... . Â [Snippet]
> 1990 _San Diego Union-Tribune_ 13 Oct. B1 (Factiva) Debbie Murphy is
> explaining "body shots": Your boyfriend holds in his mouth a quartered
> lime, cut side out; you lick his shoulder, sprinkle salt on it, lick
> the salt, knock back a shot of tequila and -- of course -- bite the
> lime.

The new OED entry for "body shot" takes it back just a little bit further:

1990    Re: Sex Drinks in (Usenet newsgroup) 13 Aug.,
This is called a ‘body shot’‥. Take the lemon and rub it on the neck
of the interested partner. Shake salt on the same place‥. Have your
partner hold the lemon between his/her teeth.‥ Lick the salt/lemon, do
the shot, and suck the lemon (which is still in their teeth).

The OED definition similarly says: "A shot of tequila which is
accompanied with salt and lemon licked from another person's body". I
thought lime, not lemon, was the prototypical accompaniment...


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