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At 1:16 AM -0600 10/26/10, Victor Steinbok wrote:
>An indirect outgrowth from the "buck" question (very circuitous, so I'll
>skip the connection).
>OED has the music/broadcasting sense of "outro". But Wiki has a separate
>entry for "Outro (computer gaming)" with a different (albeit related)
>>In computer and video gaming, the term "outro" refers to a sequence of
>>graphics and music presented to the player as a reward for successful
>>completion of the entire game. Outros are also commonly referred to as
>>the game's ending.
>OED's definition is much simpler:
>>A concluding section, esp. of a piece of music or a broadcast programme.
>Three of OED samples are tied to a song and two to broadcasting. Nothing
>on electronic gaming. Most other dictionaries only refer to music.
>An interesting blend of the two--song and broadcast--appears on WiseGeek.
>The entry suggests that "outro" is the instrumental fade-out in music
>"destined for radio airplay", which allows DJs to announce the song and
>artist while the song is still playing.
>All of these are obviously related, despite the variations, and all are
>intended as, in some sense, opposite of "intro".
In the fine old tradition of "outercourse".


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