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Sun Sep 5 13:55:45 UTC 2010

Each month, some 200,000 people visit The Vocabula  Review — certainly the 
principal web destination for anyone interested in  words and language.  
Our readership is a decidedly educated one comprising  professional people 
(doctors, lawyers, businesspeople), professors and teachers,  writers and 
editors, and others interested in how the English language is spoken  and 
written in today's society. Vocabula's subscribers are intelligent,  thoughtful, 
and well read.  
Since 1999, we have published more than 130 issues of  The Vocabula Review, 
each replete with information and essays about the  English language.  
The Vocabula Review is also made available to many  libraries in the United 
States through EBSCO's Literary Reference Center  database.  
Princeton University, Columbia University, Creighton  University, and 
Northeastern University have all recently bought site licenses  to The Vocabula 
The costs of a Vocabula Review site license are  shown here: 
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