service = 'benefit afforded by animal activity'; synchronicity = 'conjunction; intertwining'

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Jonathan Lighter wrote
> On _All Things Considered_ this evening an ecologist explained that wild
> insects in the rain forest "provide many services, such as pollination."
> Later she spoke again of various such "services," including "pollination
> services."

In 1919 insects were even paid to provide this service.

Cite: 1919, The New Knowledge Library: Science, Invention, Discovery,
Progress: Eight Great Books in One Volume, Page 561, Column 1, The S.
A. Mullikin company, Chicago, Illinois.

Plants in order to do well need to exchange their pollen with other
plants of like species. Insects are the flowers' messenger boys in
this service. Yes, all varieties of bees, ants, moths, butterflies and
even humming birds are Nature's assistants in this work. To pay
insects for this great service, plants developed flowers beautiful to
the eye, showing to attract attention, secreted pleasing perfume, and
especially drops of honey on which insects feed.


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