service = 'benefit afforded by animal activity'; synchronicity = 'conjunction; intertwining'

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I suppose the exx. are theoretically identical, but today's plurality
of number, the collocation with "provide" and the construction "X services"
conveys a very different image, at least to me/

Also, the 1919 quote has a literary flavor that the young lady's remarks did
not. My impression was that she and her colleagues talk about "providing
services" all the time.

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> Jonathan Lighter wrote
> > On _All Things Considered_ this evening an ecologist explained that wild
> > insects in the rain forest "provide many services, such as pollination."
> > Later she spoke again of various such "services," including "pollination
> > services."
> In 1919 insects were even paid to provide this service.
> Cite: 1919, The New Knowledge Library: Science, Invention, Discovery,
> Progress: Eight Great Books in One Volume, Page 561, Column 1, The S.
> A. Mullikin company, Chicago, Illinois.
> Plants in order to do well need to exchange their pollen with other
> plants of like species. Insects are the flowers' messenger boys in
> this service. Yes, all varieties of bees, ants, moths, butterflies and
> even humming birds are Nature's assistants in this work. To pay
> insects for this great service, plants developed flowers beautiful to
> the eye, showing to attract attention, secreted pleasing perfume, and
> especially drops of honey on which insects feed.
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