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>> For me, the locus classicus of movie quotes is Monty Python and the
> Holy Grail,
>> woefully omitted from the AFI list due to flagrant nationalism. My
> entirely
>> unscientific impression is that Holy Grail is the move I hear quoted
> most, other
>> than (possibly) Casablanca. (But this likely reflects who I hang out
> with, or at
>> least eavesdrop upon, more than anything else.)
>> Jeff
> Holy Grail may indeed beat even Caddyshack.  When I hang out with my
> drunk golfing friends, I hear more (and use more) quotes from
> Caddyshack.  When I hang out with my Anglophile friends, we spout off
> Monty Python to each other.
> In either case, the quotes don't really have to mean anything.  They
> can
> be in context -- when an attractive woman enters, we'd note that she
> is
> "lean and mean and not too far in between" or is "a monkey woman".
> But
> they can be completely out of left field, as well.  I used to share an
> office with a Caddyshack fan who would say "I've got that going for
> me,
> which is nice" at times at which it would make no sense at all;
> likewise
> "It's in the hole!" and "Winter rules".  Another buddy would say "I've
> got a pond -- that would be good for you" apropos of nothing at all.
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