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Just spent dinner listening to a rich white guy from New York, Duke graduate, about 30, constant creaker. His wife did not creak at all. His creak seemed to reinforce a personality that suggests wealth, power, and self-conscious superiority and coolness. Spent most of the time describing expensive parties and weddings he and she had been to lately.

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>> If you listen closely, you will note that creaking is a common
>> phenomenon among men, women, teenage boys, and even small parrots.
> As a professional who regularly does acoustic analysis i might shouldn't
> admit this, but i've just been glossing past the term "creaky voice" for
> years now without ever caring to learn what it actually meanshat is, i
> could have given you a technical definition in terms of what the vocal
> tract is doing, but i didn't have a connection in my head between that
> and the sound of it.
> So this thread got me to finally make that connection, and so i googled
> lots of stuff on creaky voice, only to find lots and lots of people who
> absolutely hate it. Me, though? I find it utterly unremarkable (in the
> social senserofessionally, it'd be interesting to look into). I just
> thought that's the way people sound when they talk.
> (Now i have to figure out if i have creaky voice or not. Students
> regularly say that i have a "soothing" voice, and given the way non-fans
> of creaky voice characterize it, soothing may be the conceptual opposite.)
> One thing i noticed in my searching, by the way, is that a lot of people
> who loathe creaky voice and were kind enough to provide YouTube clips to
> show what they meant seemed to react most strongly not to creaky voice
> alone, but rather to creaky voice plus a high degree of nasality.
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