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Moving from dogs to humans:

(OED Third edition, July 2010; online version November 2010)
abort, v.
d. trans. To cause (a pregnant woman) to abort; to perform an abortion
on. Also occas. intr.

The OED has a first cite in 1908. The second cite in 1931 shows a passive form.

1908    Buffalo Med. Jrnl. 64 24   It is not always necessary to abort
a woman who has a fibroid so situated as apparently to act as a bar to
1931    Lancet 26 Dec. 1434/1   Where healthy women have been aborted,
it has usually been carried out surreptitiously, under unfavourable
conditions, or by incompetent persons.

Here is a cite in 1894.

Transactions of the Chicago Gynecological Society
Meeting of December 21st 1894
Dr. Henrotin. – If the pains are coming on and the woman is about to
abort why not abort the woman first instead of opening the abscess
first and producing an abortion afterward

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