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Perhaps the same friend, perhaps another:
> One of the last times Loughner and Tierney saw each other, a mutual
> friend had recently purchased a .22-caliber rifle. Until then,
> Loughner had never shown much interest in guns, Tierney says. "My
> friend had just gotten a .22, and Jared kept saying we should go
> shooting together." But Tierney and the friend who had bought the .22
> demurred. "We were sketched out," Tierney says, "and we were like, 'I
> don't think Jared's a good person to go shooting with.'" That was in
> February or March 2010. After that, Tierney didn't hear much from
> Loughner.

Damn sketchers!! Appears to be a local dialect. In any case, I thought
that the entire paragraph was worth inclusion, to indicate context more

Yahoo/AP updated the original story and replaced the content with new
information. That means that the original text John referred to is no
longer there. The original version can still be found at other sites.

I doubt any of these will be permanent, but, at least, it extends the
life of the story. Unfortunately, the original AP story does not tell
who the "high-school friend" was, so it might have been the same guy. On
the other hand, the Mother Jones story is permanently in their archives
(although the link may change eventually).


On 1/10/2011 9:33 AM, Jonathan Lighter wrote:
> Apparently less intense than "freaked out":
> 2011 (Jan. 10): He would
> send bizarre text messages, but also break off contact for weeks on end. "We
> just started getting sketched out about him," the friend said.
> In 1996-97 my undergraduates began reporting "sketchy" as meaning fishy,
> odd, shady, sinister.  It was new to me then but is quite common now.
> JL

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