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From:    Laurence Horn<laurence.horn at YALE.EDU>

> Alternatively, that particular declaration ("I do
> and I do and I do") could have come from the
> groom at an old-style Mormon wedding ceremony,
> albeit on an elliptical reading.

Apologies for a serious response, but since this list gets archived to
the web, i figure i ought to note that Mormon wedding ceremonies don't
use "i do" as an affirmation of one's willingness to be married. (The
key word is "yes", FWIW.)

Actually, on further thought, i've been to very few ceremonies where the
participants respond with "i do"—"i will", or even the absence of any
response to the officiant (generally in conjunction with self-written
vows containing promises of various attitudes and acts) seems to be
usual these days.

David Bowie

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