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Yes, on all three, in reverse order--that is, my first expectation would be
of high-res pictures of food, second--"sexy" food displays, third (and
least likely) is Jon's definition.

Note that each of these pics up a different aspect of "porn" and runs with


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> Jonathan Lighter wrote
> >> "Food porn" isn't exactly a "guilty pleasure."  It's food that's
> >> enjoyable but bad for you. ...
> Jonathan Lighter wrote
> > Moreover, "war porn" refers to mediated depictions of real or
> > fictional war.  "Food porn" refers to actual, edible food.
> Food Porn Daily: The Cookbook (2010) by Amanda Simpson claims that the
> term "food porn" has multiple definitions:
> http://books.google.com/books?id=R79vjevv0qoC&q=%22food+porn%22#v=snippet&
> [Begin excerpt]
> The Food Porn Definition
> To some food porn is defined as high-fat, artery-clogging food.
> dripping with grease. To others, it refers to the flirtations
> presentation style or overt sexuality of a cooking show. host. Neither
> of these are definitions that we at FoodPornDaily embrace. ...
> To us, food porn is a high-resolution, close-up image of any food that
> gets your salivary glands flowing, whether a huge, juicy cheeseburger
> or a healthy-yet-flavorful piece of grilled fish.
> [End excerpt]

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