Modern Fable: Lions and gazelles (Dan Montano 1985 July 6)

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The "one of the three of you" line was used in Legally Blond.

Then, there is 1937:
LIFE. Nov 1, 1937
At Harvard Law School Work is Hard but the Rewards Are High. By Hans
Knopf and Kurt Severin. p. 43 [caption at the top of the page.]
> "Gentlemen, look well at the man on your left and the man on your
> right, because next year one of you will not be here." This advice
> drives home to every new class the policy of admitting students freely
> but flunking one out of three. Dean Landin has taken a step toward
> modifying this policy by choosing fewer students more carefully.

As for the second part--"athletic-looking"?? Bear?


On 11/20/2011 7:05 PM, Baker, John wrote:
>          In the old days at Harvard Law School, incoming students were told "Look to the left of you.  Look to the right of you.  One of the three of you will be gone before the year is out."
> ... and athletic-looking bear waiting for them.
> ...

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