Ufology, Ufologist [slight antedatings]

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Ufology [OED, January, 1959]

[From the text of a display ad describing M.K. Jessup's _The UFO
Annual_, The New York Times, 17 June 1956, p. 234.]

THE UFO ANNUAL belongs in the library of everyone who believes that
the field of UFOlogy (the scientific study of inexplicable serial
phenomena) is too vital to be sneered into oblivion or laughed out of
existence.  The weight of evidence in this large volume (almost 400
pages) should finally put to rest the ridiculous contention that
flying saucers are no longer with us.


Ufologist [OED, September, 1963]

[From W.F. Keefe, "He Hears Voices from Outer Space:  And His Library
'Talks' about Flying Saucers, Trips to Venus, and Bleeps that Curl
Your Hair,"  The Chicago Daily Tribune, 3 May 1959, p. 36.]

Among other things [members of the National Investigations Committee
on Aerial Phenomena] learn to speak the language of a space addict, a
tongue which includes such unlikely jargon as "astronaut,"
"saucerzine" (a magazine for space hobbyists), "extraterrestrial," and
-- well, you get the idea.  Even the initials UFO have evolved into a
familiar moniker for the way-out space fan:  "ufologist."

Ufology is no mere flash in the pan.


There may be earlier sightings in the records at newspaperarchive.com.
 (I haven't been able to check there.)  -- Bonnie

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