Yonduh lies de castle of de caliph, my fadder (attrib Tony Curtis 1961 Nov)

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 Jonathan Lighter wrote
> IMDb offers only one quotation from the 1951 film:
> "Son of a noseless mother! Maggot-brained child of a jackass!"

Thanks for your response Jon. The short review of "The Prince Who Was
a Thief" at the New York Times website claims that the film does not
contain "Yonduh lies duh castle of my faddah." Yet this line differs
from the line given in Life magazine. But is it possible to overlook a
slightly different version?

Life described a scene with specificity, and it should be possible to
verify whether this scene is in the movie (or some other movie with
Tony Curtis): "the well-oiled hero emerged from a crocodile-filled
moat, removed the dagger clenched between his teeth, flung a dripping
arm toward an imposing heap of Arabian papier-mache, and
declaimed,'Yonduh lies de castle of de caliph, my fadder,' in accents
of purest Bronx."

The claim in Life was made in 1961 and The Prince Who Was a Thief was
made in 1951.

The Prince Who Was a Thief
New York Times Review Summary
<Begin excerpt>
Fine escapist entertainment, The Prince Who Was a Thief secured major
stardom for both its leading players. And no, this is not the film in
which Tony Curtis utters the apocryphal line "Yonduh lies duh castle
of my faddah." ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi
<End excerpt>


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