White and red beers

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At 9/1/2011 03:14 AM, victor steinbok wrote:
> > Also, I think it's fair to say that coriander is a common ingredient in
> > white beers, though not necessarily present.
> >
>In witbier, this is true. Coriander was a common /original/ bittering agent
>in beer, before hops became dominant. So traditional witbiers often have
>coriander, although other herbals as well as orange bitters are often also
>present. I've seen mutts that combine all sorts of spices AND hops (often
>labeled as "holiday ale"). Weissbier almost never has herbal bittering
>agents other than hops. Some have no bittering agents at all--and are cut
>with sweet lemon sodas, lemonade, lemon syrup for summer drinks.

I read that in 1993 the Germans allowed such pollutants.  For shame.


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