White and red beers

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Yes, this is where I was heading. I may have strong feelings about
particular brands/marks, but not about how people refer to them in general.
Although I would prefer the beer/ale distinction to be clear (beer
inclusive, ale only referring to particular type of fermentation), the
distinction may well be different in England and in Australia. In general,
some of the naming conventions depend on FDA rules and other regulations
(e.g., German purity laws). FDA requires a strict alcohol limit on lagers,
light beers and anything above a certain level is a malt liquor, becoming
"barley wine" at higher levels still. I doubt very much anyone would refer
to a particularly strong Belgian Trippel or Quad as "malt liquor" or "barley
wine", but that's what FDA demands to be put on the label.


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> At this point, I think a lot of this is personal experience. ...

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