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At 9/1/2011 05:11 PM, Ann Burlingham wrote:
>my mother read us archy and mehitabel when i was a kid,

But were you read "Barnaby" over the radio by Fiorello La Guardia?

>and i always
>have several copies around. my favorite memorized line is from when
>archy was full of revolutionary frenzy: "you thought i was an archy,
>but i am anarchy"
>oh, and if you're unsure of his typing method, it was this: he stood
>on the typewriter and dove head-first onto the keys.

And there was an episode where he was concerned about getting a
concussion.  He asked Don Marquis for protective headgear.  A lesson
for today's pro athletes.

>the first epistle
>is from when don marquis accidentally left a sheet of paper in his


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