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At 9/2/2011 07:24 PM, Jonathan Lighter wrote:
>The bright side, however, was the discovery of a brand-new meaning for
>2003 Michael Corris & Robert Hobbs, in Gill Perry, ed. _Difference and
>Excess in Contemporary Art: The Visibility of Women's Practice_ (Malden,
>Mass.: Blackwell, 2004) 118: The copy for the back cover...interpolates a
>readership wishing to view the world in stark contrasts and bold headlines:
>  Expect the savage. The sensual. The shocking. The sad. The powerful. The
>shameful. ...You may rave about MANDINGO or you may hate it, but you won't
>be able to lay it down, because it is a terrible and wonderful novel!
>Just what that meaning may be, I leave to others.

Error for the postmodernist "interrogate"?  That is, the back cover
copy makes the readership rethink its black and white view of the world.

Is the back cover in color?  The front cover surely was.


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