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OED has "/put that in your pipe snd smoke it/ and variants" under pipe n.1
P4.b. "Stick that in your pipe [and smoke it]" is a common variant but is
not mentioned. In fact, all "variants" stem from "put". There are seven
examples under "put"--1824, 1836, 1863, 1921, 1947, 1977, 1998--and three
more scattered under other headings--1840, 1889, 1890. I thought the "stick"
version deserves a mention--at least, it seemed that way when I came across
the following in the Punch.
Punch, or the London Charivari. November 25, 1865
Irish Explanation. p. 213/2

> Jist shtick that in your poipe, an' believe me

[Signed]  The O'Dontknowwho

 It's not like this was the first time Punch used this expression, although
this one uses "put":
Punch, or the London Charivari. Volume 26. [January] 1854
A Pilgrimage to Russia. p. 29/1

> Do not those gentlemen and ladies see how much wiser would be the course of
> offering Nicholas the Pipe of Peace, than that of sending a fleet into the
> Euxine and bidding him put that in his pipe--and smoke it ?

Now, to antedate the main version:
Some Account of the First Apparent Symptoms of the Late Rebellion in the
County of Wexford, Especially in the Vicinity of Ross. By James Alexander.
Dublin: 1800
Appendix. No. 1. p. 129

> You musht know that I om (do you take me ? see!) an owld rubble that has
> found marsee and purteckshin fram /ago-burn-mint/, that mite very justly
> have scent me and awl my comerogues, sowl and boddy, piking off to the divle
> (Christ bless us !) and the two looking eyes in my foolish head is so opent,
> by this and other matthers, to see owld times and time to cum, fwhen I
> should be afther being dead of the himpen or leaden disorder, that I think I
> can give the /peephill/  that reeds the /Water-fart Chronickhill/, sum hints
> vorth shmoaking ; and af yew don't prent them , fwhy--/Na bocklesh/ ! That's
> all ! Put that in your pipe and shmoak it !

 This BTW leads to another question--is this expression Irish in origin?


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