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OED has multiple entries for "dicky/dickey". But not one for "false
collar"--not under false, not under collar. But there is one quote under
dicky 6. :

1843    Thackeray Crit. Rev. in Wks. (1886) XXIII. 29   If not a
> shirt-collar at least a false collar, or by possibility a dicky.

 I have one more to add to that particular collection--a whole story
entitled False Collar.

More mornings at Bow Street: A new collection of humorous and entertaining
Reports. By John Wight. London: 1827
False Collar. p. 139ff

> It has been common practice with the cynically-inclined and comfortably-off
> part of mankind, to sneer at those economic substitutes for clean linen, and
> very great preservers of soap, yclep'd /dickies/ and /false collars ;/ but
> we have no doubt that the publication of the following case will put to
> silence the said sneerers, and bring false collars into very general use :--

The reason I came across it--and hence the link above--is because I was
looking for other early instances of "put that in your pipe and smoke it".

pp. 141-2

> "I care no more for your pupils, as you call them than I do for you--and
> you may put /that/ in your pipe and smoke it !"

This does not antedate OED's 1824--but I've just posted an 1800 antedating.


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