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I was just going to post something about Bachmann, so I'll just include it
here. It's not so much about Bachmann per se, but about her--and her
opponents', when they are boiling over with sentiment--odd twisting of

I initially noted that a Mother Jones blog post used "teavangelical", which
should be added to the list. But, as I read on, I found a few other curios
that may be of service to some:

> Like Bachmann's teavangelicals, the Men of Issachar were reclaiming their
> godly inheritance after the Israelites had lost their way.


>  And from history we know, in the recorded annals of time, that this was
> someone considered more inconsequential, but to me he had an inspiring,
> powerful story.


>  Jonathan and David have been cited by gay rights activists as proof that
> gay rights are biblically enshrined, as well as by Oscar Wilde—at his trial
> for homosexuality.

The first one is obvious--teavangelicals in the wild. The second is the
always popular question whether it should be more or less inconsequential
(and whether it makes sense to qualify "inconsequential" at all). The third
exhibits the a nice syntactic structure that  will trip up anyone reading
it--if only for a moment. The middle one is Bachmann's; the other two are
from Tim Murphy's commentary on Bachmann.


On Sat, Sep 17, 2011 at 12:17 PM, Jonathan Lighter
<wuxxmupp2000 at>wrote:

> Rep. Bachmann was explaining to Jay Leno her belief that "innocent
> twelve-year-old girls" shouldn't be "forced" to have "a government
> injection" against HPV.  Leno said "You're very strident about this." (He
> meant "passionate" or "insistent" or something like that.)
> Bachmann said, "I'm convicted! I'm convicted!"
> She holds a conviction, in other words.
> No OED, which offers the religious forerunner.
> JL

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