one way to immortalize Ozzy

victor steinbok aardvark66 at GMAIL.COM
Mon Sep 19 06:06:31 UTC 2011

>From a review of Type O Negative's Dead Again release:

- "Packed with thick Sabbathy guitars, lush, epic melodies, breakneck
> stompers, deep romanticism, biting sarcasm and a sprawling sense of
> morbidity..."

Sprawling sense of morbidity? Really? Never mind that...

About 194K raw ghits for Sabbathy (many spurious) including YouTube

 Black Sabbath influenced a lot of musicians and you can hear it in this
> one, something that turned all Black *Sabbathy* on us.

A page on

*Sabbathy* Stuff

Another imitator:

new tune, trippy slow beginning, '*sabbathy*' end



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