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The use of "tree lawn" is a stereotype in our house; my wife is originally from the West Park neighborhood of Cleveland and later, Parma, OH, and she uses the term all the time.  I got in touch with DARE about the term and they sent me a map of their responses, which were heavily concentrated around NE OH generally.  When surveying my students, I found that St. Joseph, MI, and seemingly only St. Joe, also uses the word.
My native area has no word for the concept that I know.  But I grew up from 6-14 in Hinsdale, IL (and mowed lawns), and so I grew up with "parkway"--which confused everyone once I moved to Jersey.

Paul Johnston
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>> Is your wife from the suburbs south and west of Cleveland? That is my
>> term for these--and I learned English in that area.
> My wife - BTW, also named "Barbara" - grew up in Kingston, a suburb of
> Wilkes-Barre, in NE PA, the home of "heynabonics."
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