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> "parkway"

I know that one from growing up in Saint Louis. For some reason, I
still remember the name of the neighborhood grocerystore, the "Parkway
Superette," always reffed as the "Superette." Possibly because the
"Parkway" part was just weird. Like "Tree Lawn Superette" or

BTW, is this feature considered to be worthy of a name in most places?
As a child, I had to ask to find out what a "parkway" was. I've lived
in lots of places that had tree lawns - Los angeles, Davis,
Sacramento, Boston, and here and there - without becoming aware of any
other local names for this thing. "Parkway" is, for me, normally a
street with the left lane(s) and the right lane(s) separated by an
actual park, as Commonwealth Avenue in Boston, or even by merely a
strip of grass, as lots of other streets in Boston and elsewhere.
Indeed, even in StL, that's by far the more-common meaning of
"parkway" in the wild" "Left onto [Name] Street. Can't miss it. It's
the parkway."

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