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        The usual situation is that the town (or other governmental authority) owns the street and some distance to the side of the street.  At my last home, the town property extended half-way into my yard.  Presently I believe that the curb is the property line, but I live on a small cul-de-sac and there are no sidewalks.

John Baker

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I may be wrong, but except on major streets, where the town or state owns
the road, I thought, the homeowners own the lot to the middle of the street,
but sidewalk, "berm" and pavement are a public easement. Some people in my
neighborhood get quite touchy if a dog craps on the "berm"--well, at least
those who t

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> ...
> On the other hand:  If I don't mow the tree-lawn, no one will.  And
> although the town owns the sidewalk, I'm required to remove the snow from
> it.
> Joel

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