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> Ground beef on toast also received the appellation[, "shit on a shingle"].

Yes. In the Army of a half-century ago, there was some kind of weird,
non-dairy "creme" added to it, but the *beef*
was definitely ground and not "chipped," W-everTF that may mean, WRT beef.

FWIW, I found both S.O.S. and reconstituted dried eggs to be far
more-palatable breakfast dishes than I would ever have expected,
especially after taking into account [the fact that] the reconstituted
eggs served in the '60's had been deconstituted in the '40's.

IAC, that dish has long been the stuff of legend. People were already
talking about it in the corridors of the recruitery before we had even
been sworn in.

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to come from the mouths of people who have had to live.
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